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Slug Production Plants

Slug production plants
Engineering, project and setting up of high efficiency and high performance plant, for the manufacture of aluminium slugs, used in the production of spray cans and/or collapsibles by impact extrusion.
The plant is made up as follows:
  • Melting and casting /holding furnaces.
  • Tandem lines – Rotary 4R continuous casting and hot rolling + cold rolling and coiling.
  • Blanking line.
  • Annealing furnaces.
  • Slug surface treatment + automatic finished slugs and packing.
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A typical production for this type of plant would be between about 500MT/month and 1500 MT/month of finished product.
Depending on production and the product-mix amount of each slugs’ size to be processed, the plant may be configured with a finishing cold rolling mill on line or off line.
The plant starts from ingots or coils. Melting is carried out in high energy performance melting furnaces. Casting, hot and cold rolling mills in lines specifically designed for this purpose.
INCO's annealing furnaces (natural gas or electric, depending on availability and conditions) assure recovery of the physical properties necessary for the slugs extrusion (high speed impact extrusion) reducing extrusion loads.
INCO guarantees a finished product which can rate with any worldwide quality standard.
The Company
INCO is made up of a group of companies specialized in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and machinery for metallurgical processes for both ferric metals as well as for non-ferric metals. We focus our experience and capabilities in the equipment for the transformation and the increase of value of flat products (coils), covering also the melting and casting processes for non-ferrous metals as aluminium or copper.​
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