• Rolling Process
  • Coating and Processing Lines
  • Slugs
  • Recycling
  • Cutting
  • Tubes

Color Coating Lines

TOC Coating Lines
INCO design, manufacture and installs Coating lines for TOC Coatings. The lines have been developed in collaborations with Procoat Technology who is world leader in TOC coatings. Lines are available in different lay-out depending on customer needs and requirements.

Basic Features:
  • Materials: Galvanized, Galfan, Galvalume Steel Strip; Cold Rolled Steel Strip; Aluminum Strip; Zinc and Other Materials
  • Coater Types: Horizontal, Vertical, “S” type, “T” type and Customized type
  • Fast color changing options
  • Ovens: Convection and IR type
  • Cooling by air, air and water or water depending on application, material and section.
  • Type of paints: TOC Cr+6, Cr+3 or Cr free,
  • Pretreatment Primer GM6N and other pretreatment primers Cr+3 or Cr free
  • Process Speeds from 20 up to 180 m/min
The Company
INCO is made up of a group of companies specialized in engineering and manufacturing of equipment and machinery for metallurgical processes for both ferric metals as well as for non-ferric metals. We focus our experience and capabilities in the equipment for the transformation and the increase of value of flat products (coils), covering also the melting and casting processes for non-ferrous metals as aluminium or copper.​
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